Welcome to the new ConnectSafely.org

Hi, and welcome to our updated site. It has received a much-needed facelift, and is now home to the ConnectSafely Blogger Network, a growing network of experts in the fields of safety, security, privacy, digital literacy, bullying and other topics you care about. Here’s a list (with bio links) of our staff and guest bloggers.

Our evolution

Larry Magid

Larry Magid

ConnectSafely is also evolving along with the technology we follow. When we began in 2005, we focused mainly on the new social networks (MySpace was all the rage and Facebook was in its infancy). Over time we expanded to cover mobile technology and, of course, all the newer social networks, as well as issues that weren’t on the radar when we first launched, like sexting, revenge porn, and anonymous apps. Even location sharing and many of today’s privacy concerns were only asterisks when we first launched ConnectSafely.

Today we have even more concerns as people are, literally, wearing their technology. To that end, ConnectSafely is now also focusing on the Internet of Things (IoT), connected cars and other technologies that will affect the safety, privacy and security of both children and adults.

While we’re still focused on teens and tech, we’re also aging younger and older. Toddlers are now toting tablets and they too need lots of attention not just from a safety and privacy standpoint but in terms of making sure they have a balanced diet of technology, physical play and personal contact. And it has become increasingly clear that all of us — adults too — sometimes need help protecting our devices, ourselves and our identity.

ConnectSafely remains the U.S. sponsor of Safer Internet Day and the host of the One Good Thing project. We’re also continuing to publish safety tips and advice and parents’ guides with plans for some exciting new projects aimed at parents, kids, policy makers and educators.

So, you see, we’re not abandoning our roots, just planting new seeds, beginning with this re-design.

Thanks and welcome again.


Larry Magid