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Shows from 11-19-21

Physical and Digital Wellness


Shows from 11-4-21

Facebook not alone in embrace of ‘metaverse’

Parent’s Guide to Discord

Shows from 10-28-21

How to request removal of images of a child in Google search (from ConnectSafely)

Remove images of minors from Google search results (Google form to fill out)

You can now ask Google to scrub images of minors from its search results (NPR – no paywall)

Giving kids and teens more control over their images in Search (Google blog post)

Five points for anger, one for a ‘like’: How Facebook’s formula fostered rage and misinformation  (Washington Post — possible paywall)

Likes, anger emojis and RSVPs: the math behind Facebook’s News Feed — and how it backfired (CNN — no paywall)


Shows from 10-21-21

Tips for avoiding Zoom fatigue

Quick-Guide to cybersecurity

Managing passwords

ConnectSafely security resources

Shows from 10-14-21

Social Media Risks and Solutions Can be Nuanced

Keeping your computer and phone operating systems up-to-date  (links to all major operating systems)

Shows from 10/8/21

Parents’ Guide (and Quick-Guide) to Instagram

NPR: Facebook’s own data is not as conclusive as you think about teens and mental health

Coping with COVID-19: How young people use social media to manage their mental health

New law will make it easier to cancel online subscriptions

Shows from 9/24/21

When you ‘Ask app not to track,’ some iPhone apps keep snooping anyway (Washington Post — paywall)

Popular iPhone apps are using sneaky techniques to identify you even if you say no to tracking (no paywall)

Ask Trish: My Boyfriend is Threatening Revenge Porn

Tips for Dealing with Teen Sexting 

Advice on Sexting, Sextortion and Revenge Porn

Shows from 9/17/21


Protecting mental health on Instagram

Ask Trish: How To Be An Upstander

Parents’ Guide to Cyberbullying

ConnectSafely’s Cyberbullying Quick-Guide

Shows from 9/10/21

Guide to Ray-Ban Stories: Bystander Privacy in a World of Wearable Cameras (from ConnectSafely)

Smart glasses are yet another privacy challenge (Mercury News & ConnectSafely)

Privacy features in Apple’s new iOS 15 (Apple)

What’s new in Android Privacy (Google)

Shows from 9/3/21

Apple Watch may get thermometer, blood-pressure measure in future versions (CNET)

Seniors Flocking to TikTok

Apple Plans Blood-Pressure Measure, Wrist Thermometer in Apple Watch (Wall Street Journal — subscription required)

Senior’s Guide to TikTok 

Seniors flocking to TikTok

Shows from 8/19/21

Apple support advice on implants and magnets inside iPhone 12

Twitter subscription service

Twitter unveils subscription offering called “Twitter Blue” (Axios)

Hiding Facebook & Instagram Likes

How to hide Facebook and Instagram Likes (from CNET)

Parents Guide to Instagram

Sharing location on Google Maps

How to share your location on Google Maps (from Google)

ConnectSafely Quick-Guide to Security Passwords

Recycle your phone, not your number (Krebs on Security)

Risk of ransomware to national infrastructure

Tips to prevent ransomware

Apple’s new anti-tracking feature is a boon to privacy

Mindfulness and Meditation

The 21 Best Meditation Podcasts to Listen to Right Now (from Verywellmind)

20 Best Mindfulness Meditation Podcasts of 2020 (from PositivePsychology)

Google search results for mindfulness apps

My Air Fryer is a Security Risk: Protecting your home devices

Tips for Preventing Ransomware Attacks

Fact-Checking Tools

Spot misinformation online with these tips

Google Fact Check Explorer

ConnectSafely’s Parents and Educators Guide to Media Literacy and Fake News

News Literacy Project

Amazon Kids

ConnectSafely’s Parents Guide to Amazon Alexa

Video interview with Catherine Teitelbaum Principal Family Trust, Amazon Kids



Google’s Family portal:

Families.Google website

ConnectSafely post about Families.Google and other resources

Comcast Internet Essentials

Internet Essentials website

Comcast press release

Comcast Internet Essentials research and progress report

Common Sense Media study and Boston Children’s Hospital Digital Wellness Lab

Roblox Quick Guide for Parents

ReThink App

News Literacy Project home page

Protect Against Identity Theft (includes links to FTC resources)

Snapchat reporting

Bills that could prevent social media from preventing cyberbullying and other harms to children and adults

A Comcast survey found that 95% of people underestimate their online risks.

Video interview with Comcast Execu. VP Nopoor Davis



Interview with Comcast Executive VP Nupoor Davis
Comcast Cyber Health Report 



Video interview with Instagram head of safety Vaishnavi J

Online dating safety during pandemic (Post plus video interview with Meet Group co-founder Catherine Connelly)

Good and not-so-good news about digital civility

Safer Internet Day school and family resources

Safer Internet Day Lesson plans and home activities

CyberTipLine to report child abuse images or online child exploitation

Facebook privacy and security settings

Parents’ Guide to Tech for Tots

COVID-19 vaccines offered by email or text? How to identify a phishing scam (from CNET)

Federal Agencies Warn of Emerging Fraud Schemes Related to COVID-19 Vaccines

News Literacy Project

Parents’ and Educator’s Guide to Media Literacy and Fake News

Game console parental controls and privacy

Controlling privacy and kids’ content on smart speakers & displays

Parents’ Guide to Amazon Alexa.

Malicious Chrome & Edge Extensions (from ZDNet)

Three million users installed 28 malicious Chrome or Edge extensions

Holiday Giving

Generosity is Great, But Be Cautious When Giving to Charity

Smart Speakers

Parent’s Guide to Amazon Alexa

Site Notifications

Be Very Sparing in Allowing Site Notifications

How to stop those annoying website notification prompts

Safe Holiday Shopping

Quick Guide to Online Shopping ConnectSafely

Safe Online Holiday Shopping Tips (ConnectSafely)

Other segments

Facebook’s Messenger & Instagram’s Vanishing Messages

Getting Ready for Virtual School (Zoom & other video conferencing services)

Newsguard report: Misinformation about development of a COVID-19 vaccine spreads widely on Facebook

Facebook’s COVID-19 Information Center

Social media conspiracy theories could hurt kids

FIDO Alliance Consumer Information

Tips for Strong, Secure Passwords & other Authentication Tools

Microsoft goal research on digital civility

Parents and Educators Guide to Media Literacy and Fake News (also for general audience)

How your personal data is exploited to win elections and influence policy