Facebook's Messenger & Instagram's Disappearing Act

Facebook’s Messenger & Instagram’s Disappearing Act

Snapchat may have pioneered disappearing posts in social media, but Facebook is adding a disappearing act to messaging. Vanish Mode, for Facebook's Messenger and Instagram, enables users to send messages ...

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Protecting Children from Inappropriate Content in the UK

We talk to John Carr about internet safety for kids in the UK and newly regulated laws to protect children from inappropriate content and the proper education methods to seek ...
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Why Tech Companies are Offering Services for Younger Children

We’ve all heard the stories about kids spending too much time with their devices or, worse, spending that time doing things online that they probably shouldn’t be doing. It’s been ...
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Teens Stress Authenticity at First US 'Kids Have Your Say' Meeting

Teens Stress Authenticity at First US ‘Kids Have Your Say’ Meeting

As part of the Kids Have Your Say project, coordinated globally by ConnectSafely, Insight , our U.S. partner, My Digital Tat2 convened a meeting of high school students in East Palo ...
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Dire Warnings About Children Dying Because of Apps and Games are a Form of ‘Juvenoia’

We can educate children and families about the dangers that surely exist in the Internet world, without having to exaggerate the nature of the danger and the degree to which ...
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Facebook & Instagram Offer Controls to Manage Time Online

Facebook has announced tools to enable both Facebook and Instagram users to better manage the time they spend using those apps ...
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Survey Shows Adults Lack Trust in Social Media

It’s been obvious for awhile that we’re starting to experience a tech backlash, with an increasing number of people expressing skepticism over whether our devices and social media are doing ...
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The Good and Bad of Location Sharing

Two recent news stories about cell phone location services recently caught my eye. One was a positive development and the other quite negative, until it was at least partially fixed ...
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Facebook Slips, Snapchat Grows Among Teens — Nearly Half Online “Almost Constantly”

A new survey from Pew Research found that Snapchat is now the social media app that teens use most often, followed closely by YouTube ...
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Facebook is Cleaning Up Inappropriate Content But You Still Need to be Vigilant

by Larry Magid I’m about to report on some interesting numbers from Facebook regarding inappropriate material it deleted from its service, but first I’d like to warn users about the ...
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