ConnectSafely Podcast Pitch

podcastfeaturedimageThe ConnectSafely podcast is generally an interview that lasts roughly 20 minutes. There may be other segments interspersed in the program. It will be carried in all the usual places including iTunes, Tune-In and BlogTalkRadio as well as on and other outlets, and some excerpts may be carried on some CBS Radio News affiliates. The focus will be on online security, privacy and safety. The podcast will be hosted by Larry Magid, who is CEO of ConnectSafely and a CBS Radio News technology analyst.

The podcast will follow typical journalist rules. Although people who have products or books may be asked about them, the interview must be informative and not promotional. Guests are selected based on editorial criteria only. As with all legitimate journalistic projects, There is never any “pay for play.”

Interviews will be in person (Palo Alto, unless on location at a conference), via Skype audio or via phone. Please check out these guidelines for phone interviews.

You can listen to past episodes here

Podcast Pitch

Please tell us a little about your pitch for the ConnectSafely podcast. We focus on online security, privacy and safety.
  • If there is no company, list the name of the guest here.
  • Type the URL of any page that provides a bio and/or a picture
  • Are there any issues we should know about such as difficulty speaking English, a strong accent that might make it difficult for Americans to understand or any other issues?