Upcoming Webcasts

Thurs, Oct. 8: Susie Hargreaves, Internet Watch Foundation

Join us on Zoom https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82547580343 or our Facebook page. Audience Qs welcome.  

Thurs, Oct. 22: Rabbi Kevin Bemel

Join us on Zoom https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88189461951 or our Facebook page. Audience Qs welcome.  

Thurs, Oct. 1: Andrew Shikiar, FIDO Alliance

We spoke with online security expert Andrew Shikiar of FIDO Alliance about phishing, vishing, social engineering, and what’s wrong with passwords.

Thurs, Sept. 24: Creating Inclusive Places for Play

We talk to Jill Asher of nonprofit Magical Bridge about creating inclusive play spaces across the US for people with cognitive and physical disabilities.

Recent Webcasts

Thurs, Sept. 17: Teaching Kids Empathy

We speak with Michele Borba, author of UnSelfie: Why Empathetic Kids Succeed In Our All About Me World, Building Moral Intelligence. Join us on Zoom https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81173259556 or our Facebook page.

Tues, Sept. 8: Australia’s eSafety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant (Recorded)

We spoke with US-born Julie Inman Grant about her role as Australia’s eSafety Commissioner, the country’s national independent regulator for online safety. Julie talked about her unique government role and her career working for Microsoft, Twitter and Adobe.

Thurs, September 3: Parenting for a Digital Future

When it comes to understanding how young people and their families are coping with today’s technology, there are no better experts than Sonia Livingstone and Alicia Blum-Ross. Both have been researching this subject for years and they have recently collaborated on an excellent book “Parenting for a Digital Future” based on in-person interviews and surveys of families.

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