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Thurs, June 4: Cyber Dating Expert Julie Spira

We speak with Julie Spira about how Covid-19 has changed online (and offline) dating. Special time: noon PT (3 PM ET). Join us via Zoom.

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June 2: Researcher Sonia Livingstone on What’s Happening with Youth, Social Media, Protest and Covid-19

Larry and Kerry speak with Sonia Livingstone — one of the world’s leading researchers on youth and social media. We talked about the protests in the streets of America, the rights of youth, the impact of Covid-19 on young people’s use of social media, and much more. Please watch and please share this video with your friends on Facebook.

May 28: Rosalind Wiseman – NY Times Best-Selling Author & Founder of Cultures of Dignity

Larry Magid and Kerry Gallagher spoke with NY Times Best-Selling Author & Founder of Cultures of Dignity Rosalind Wiseman about teens, parents, social media, gaming, and education today. The movie “Mean Girls” was based on her book Queen Bees & Wannabes.

May 26: Expert Advice from Tech Advice Columnist Ed Bott

We talk ‘tech support’ during lockdown with Ed Bott, an award-winning technology writer with more than two decades’ experience writing for mainstream media outlets and online publications.

May 21: Microsoft’s Global Safety Advocate

We speak with Jacqueline Beauchere, Microsoft’s Global Safety Advocate, about the latest research from Microsoft on digital civility.

May 19: Covid-19 from a Doctor’s Perspective

Larry Magid and Kerry Gallagher speak with Dr. Enoch Choi. Enoch is a physician working at Santa Clara County Medical Center in California, taking care of low-income patients, including those with Covid-19. In this webcast, he not only dispenses good medical advice, but care and compassion and a positive attitude that we can all use. For those of us who are doing the right thing, it will almost certainly be OK, he told us. So do watch or listen, follow his advice and be well and be kind.

May 14: Privacy Amid Covid-19

Privacy is always an important issue but never more so than during this Covid-19 pandemic when people are being asked to consider giving up some privacy in the name of public health. Whether it’s tracing apps or decisions about who gets to go to work or school, there are plenty of privacy questions arising from our current situation.

To explore this topic, Larry Magid and Kerry Gallagher of ConnectSafely spoke with Amelia Vance, Director of Youth and Education Privacy at the Future of Privacy Forum. Amelia advises policymakers, academics, companies, districts, and states on child and student privacy law and best practices.

May 13: Tech Inventor Philippe Kahn on Importance of Sleep & How to Improve It

Larry Magid and Kerry Gallagher speak with Philippe Kahn, founder and CEO of Fullpower Technologies, which develops technology that measures both the quantity and quality of sleep. We talked about the importance of sleep, how to improve sleep and how sleep is affected during the period of self-isolation. Philippe is also known as the inventor of the camera phone among many other inventions.

May 12: How Teens Are Coping During Covid-19

We speak with Erica Pelavin, co-founder of My Digital TAT2 and a practicing adolescent psychologist, about ways teens can support their peers and how schools can support students during Covid-19.

May 7: Esther Wojcicki: How to Raise Successful People

Larry Magid and Kerry Gallagher speak with Esther Wojcicki about the subject of her latest book, “How to Raise Successful People.”

May 5: Balancing Screen Time, Plus Advice for Picking Kids’ Apps

We spoke with  Mindy Brooks, Director of User Experience for Google Play and Google’s Kids and Family Initiative.

April 30: Internet Ethics Amid Covid-19

April 28: How Schools and Parents Can Promote Media Literacy

Michelle Ciulla Lipkin, executive director of National Association for Media Literacy Education, speaks with ConnectSafely’s Larry Magid and Kerry Gallagher about why media literacy is more important than ever.

More Webcasts

April 23: How TikTok Is Addressing Covid-19 Crisis

ConnectSafely’s CEO Larry Magid and Dir. of K-12 Education Kerry Gallagher speak with TikTok’s Senior Director of Global Trust & Safety, Jeff Collins and Lavanya Mahendran, TikTok’s Senior Policy Manager about how the platform is helping teens during Covid-19.

April 21: Roblox VP of Marketing & Digital Civility Tami Bhaumik

ConnectSafely’s CEO Larry Magid and Dir. of K-12 Education Kerry Gallagher speak with Roblox’s VP of Marketing and Digital Civility Tami Bhaumik about how kids use Roblox, plus what parents gain when they game with their kids.

April 16: Zoom Chief Product Officer Oded Gal

Larry Magid and Kerry Gallagher interview Zoom Chief Product Officer Oded Gal about how the company is handling its explosive growth and how to use Zoom’s privacy, safety and security features.

April 14: Domestic Violence Amid the Covid-19 Crisis

We speak with Rachel Gibson of the National Network to End Domestic Violence about how sheltering at home is affecting domestic violence survivors and what they can do to try to prevent or end abuse.

April 9: “Physically Distant But Socially Connected: Safety & Well-Being During Covid-19”

ConnectSafely’s Larry Magid and Kerry Gallagher interview Facebook Global Head of Safety Antigone Davis

April 7: “Avoiding Financial Fraud During the Covid-19 Crisis”

Tom Edwards, U.S. Secret Service & Lori Hodges, Visa

April 2: “Parenting & Working While Sheltering at Home”

Larry Magid & Kerri Gallagher, ConnectSafely