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Category: Social Media

Guide to Teen Sextortion Scams

The FBI has reported a “huge increase” in sextortion scams targeting teens, especially boys 14 to 17. Here’s what you need to know to protect yourself or your teen, and what to do if you’re a victim.

Parent’s Guide to TikTok

TikTok has some good safety features for teens and families, and they’re being updated and improved all the time. Here’s what you need to know, plus advice for talking with teens about healthy social media use.

Parent’s Guide to Discord

If you’ve got a teen in your house, there’s a good chance you have Discord. We don’t mean bickering—we’re talking Discord with a capital D, the chat app that’s especially popular with teens.

Ask Trish: Social Media and Mental Health

Dear Trish: Maybe it’s just me but I just feel really bad about myself when I’m on social media. Like literally everyone seems to be living their best life and it reminds me how much is wrong with mine. How can I feel better?