Videogame fitness training?

Now there's a concept: a videogame that aims to get people in shape. People of all ages to get in shape. This is great for kids whose motivation for doing things like learning or getting active is helped by videogame play. But there are qualifications, reports ConnectSafely co-director Larry Magid at "The Wii Fit screen recommends that you achieve a BMI [body mass index] of 22 but
fails to point out that BMI doesn’t distinguish body fat from muscle mass. Based on their BMIs, Barry Bonds and Arnold Schwarzenegger would be considered obese." But then there's the balance board combined with the Wii controller's motion-sensing capability. "In addition to weighing you, the balance board can help determine your posture and center of gravity based on the way you’re standing on it," and these help in determining fitness too. The $89.99 game and accessory offer various ways to "play": aerobics, yoga, strength training, and balancing games. All pretty good, Larry says, but – as with any form of dieting or fitness training, the key is the will to stick with it, and even the Wii can't provide that. Even so, it helps when the process is fun.

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