Video viewing increasingly ‘mobilized’

By Anne Collier

If it ever really did, screen size no longer has anything to do with the length of a video people will watch. “Smaller screens aren’t deterring people from watching more videos on their tablets and mobile phones,” reports. People of all ages are now doing more than half their “long-form video” viewing on these mobile devices, according to data from mobile video research firm Ooyala. In the first quarter of this year, video viewing on tablet and mobile grew 19% and “made up more than 10% of all online video plays. Viewing on these portable devices doubled in 2012, Ooyala says. Social networking is increasingly “mobilized” too. TheNextWeb cites Nielsen data showing that “half of the world’s social network users visit [social] sites via their phones. For a look at all the options families now have for kid video-viewing on multiple platforms, please see my ConnectSafely co-director Larry Magid’s “A steady stream of online video for kids.”

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