UK’s top social sites

With Britons so keen on social networking (recent Ofcom research found 1 in 4 logged into a social site at least 23 times a month!), the UK's Computing Which? consumer magazine recently took the subject on. It tested the "10 most popular sites [in Britain] for ease of setting up and using the site, the range of features, and the way the sites protected privacy and security, including how easy it is to remove personal details," The Guardian reports. The highest mark – 79% – went to Bebo, "used predominantly by the 13-to-24-year-old age group … for "working hard to encourage responsible networking." Next in line, respectively, were Facebook (74%), MySpace (67%), Microsoft's Windows Live Spaces (65%), and Friends Reunited (62%). "Saga Zone – aimed at the over-50s – and BBC Talk were both given a maximum five-star rating for their performance" and discussion groups, The Guardian adds, and "Flickr proved to be the best in the special-interest category, scoring five out of five for both performance and ease of use."

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