UK youth want online-privacy advice

Ofcom, the UK’s communications-industry regulator, found that 54% of UK 11-to-16-year-olds want more advice about online privacy. In other findings, 28% believe “information is needed on how to keep security information such as passwords and PIN numbers safe”; 22% “want more information on how to avoid inappropriate content online”; and 20% “want more advice on how to deal with cyberbullying.” They’re saying this even though nearly 75% of 7-to-16-year-olds “say they have received some information about staying safe online” (23% “say no-one has talked to them about online safety). Meanwhile, Ofcom’s US counterpart, the FCC, is looking at the possibility of a universal rating system for Americans, covering TV, videogames, and mobile phones, reports – a somewhat limited sense of “universal,” to my mind. The Entertainment Software Rating Board, provider of videogame ratings, says universal ratings would only confuse consumers, as well as violate the First Amendment, DMW adds. [Here’s Bloomberg’s coverage.]

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