Top 10 ‘social media sites’

That's what TechCrunch wisely calls them, as it looks at the latest available comScore traffic figures (November) for "social networking sites." ComScore includes blog-hosting, media-sharing, and pre-social-Web community sites in that category, though, so "social media" works much better. Google's Blogger – which hosts blogs, of course – is No. 1 (with 222 million unique visitors in November, up 44% from '07). The rest of the top 10 are: Facebook (200 million); MySpace (126 million); WordPress blogs (114 million); Windows Live Spaces (blogs – down 22% to 87 million this year); Yahoo GeoCities (69 million); Flickr photo-sharing (64 million); Hi5 (No. 1 social site in Latin America – 58 million); Google's Orkut (social-networking site that's huge in Brazil – 46 million); and SixApart (blog-hosting – 46 million). Two China-based sites, Baidu Space and, were in the 11th and 13th spots, respectively. [See also "Latin America's social Web."]

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