Tiny computers, er, phones proliferating

What does this say about kids ‘n’ tech? Well, what we’ve been saying for some time: that their social lives, informal learning, media-sharing, social producing, and creative networking are getting increasingly mobile and 24/7. The media- and tech-enabled part of their lives are in their pockets, wherever they are. [It’s one reason why they don’t wear wristwatches – have you noticed that?] But here’s some evidence: Acer – the world’s 2nd-largest computer maker after Hewlett-Packard, according to Forbes – is “joining the stampede into mobile phones,” where the grass is very green. “Worldwide sales of mobile phones – an estimated 1.1 billion units this year, including 150 million smart phones – far exceed the expected sales of 280 million personal computers.” Forbes adds that smart phones earn “gross profit margins of 30% or more, compared with the 3% or 4% for the low-cost computers that compose much of Acer’s business.” I think this is a solid sign that Web 3.0 – the mobile Web – is here!

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