The MySpace-Facebook mashup

By Anne Collier

Facebook and MySpace have been integrating their content-sharing features in recent months, and the latest is literally called “Mashup.” With it, MySpace users can “populate their MySpace page with the likes and interests listed on their Facebook profile, and then stream MySpace content to the page based on the Facebook information,” Information Week reports. The feature is already being used by more than 1 million MySpace users, Information Week adds. It’s not yet clear when, but next up for the integration: MySpace will have Facebook “Like” buttons all over it, so that – after a MySpace user Likes a song, video, or other bit of content, his or her Likes will be seen on their Facebook profile. Here’s MySpace’s own video about how it all works and looks and the BBC’s coverage. [See also: “Digital social basics for parents (or grandparents)” last summer and the news about “MySpace’s focus on music” a year ago last month and a couple of weeks before that.]

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