Teens want time with their parents: Study

By Anne Collier

This isn’t about social technology, like most of what I blog about, but it is about life and adolescent development, and teen use of social tech is mostly about life, so this is important for parents to know: time with their parents is a good things, teens said in a recent survey by Family Circle, KATV.com in Atlanta reports. “Seventy percent of teens said they were happy with how much attention they get from their parents. And nearly a quarter wished they could spend more time together.” KATV cites the view of a psychologist that adolescent pushing away, greater interest in friends, and mood swings don’t necessarily mean teens don’t want to be around their parents, but that that’s the way parents often take those developments. It’s teens’ job, developmentally, to push away, but they’re also trying to find the right balance between being independent and not. “Teens say it’s the simple things – like taking walks, sharing meals, playing games, watching TV and talking more with each other – that they most want to do more of with their parents,” KATV added, citing the survey, done with Opinion Research Corporation.

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