Teacher’s Facebook ‘teachable moment’

I loved The Ethicist’s answer to the question of how an 8th grade teacher, who has been “friended” by a lot of her students, should deal with issues like underage drinking when they come up in students’ Facebook profiles: “She should carpe that diem,” Randy Cohen writes in his New York Times column. “Were she simply to bust these online doofuses, she would squander a chance to convey something of lasting importance and leave them feeling that she had betrayed their trust. In short, her essential role is educator, not cop.” I, too, wonder what suspension or other discussion-free discipline accomplishes, when there’s an opportunity for students to add some life literacy to their tech literacy. [See also “Zero tolerance = zero intelligence: Juvenile judge,” “Schools: How to handle group cyberbullying?“, “Facebook: No. 1 tool for parenting? Maybe. Use wisely.“, and “Anti-cyberbullying teachable moment.”]

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