Students’ digital activism, citizenship

Parents and educators interested in what 21st-century learning and “Online Safety 3.0” look like should take a look at “Three Years of Digital Activism,” a 15-min. video collection of projects by middle and high school students participating in the Camilla, Ga.-based Digiteens project. This is the new, digitally-enabled project-based (and “passion-based,” as lead teacher Vicki Davis puts it) learning. Included is a section about driving while texting, called “Dangerously Connected,” reporting that people who text while driving are 4 times more likely to injure themselves than drivers who aren’t texting, and 37% of all car accidents are caused by driving while texting (DWT), compared to 14% of accidents from driving under the influence (DUI). See also a 20-min video presentation by a humanities teachers and a library services director about a successful 6th-grade project using “Web 2.0 tools.” [See also “Online Safety 3.0.”]

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