Software that blocks texting while driving

By Anne Collier

Thirty states have banned texting while driving, but the bans are tough to enforce. So two companies, WebSafety Inc. in Texas and Manage Mobility in Georgia are partnering to provide software to government agencies and businesses” for disabling texting, email, and Web browsers on cellphones while cars are in motion, USATODAY reports. For people who want to impose a little self-discipline on themselves or their kids, there are already several applications that disable cellphones when a car’s moving, the article adds. They include “iZup, tXtBlocker, ZoomSafer and CellSafety, [which] use a phone’s GPS to determine when a vehicle is moving, and block the ability to text when the car is going faster than 5 or 10 mph,” but they don’t work on iPhones, USATODAY adds.

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