Social-networking chief Cook

far as I can tell, only one of the Top 10 social-networking sites were
founded by teenagers and beta-tested in their high school, and that's
the story with , which gets 3 million+ visitors a month,
makes millions of dollars a year from advertising, and just received
$4.1 million in venture capital. teenage entrepreneurialism seems to be
more common every day, and both teenagers and parents might be
interested in stories about how it happens. Seventeen-year-old
Catherine Cook founded her new Jersey-based social-networking site with
her older brother Dave (who's now in college; Catherine starts her
freshman year shortly) because they were new at their high school,
turned to the yearbook to find and meet new friends, and thought it'd
be even better – much quicker and convenient – to have an online
version, Catherine told CNET's Stefanie Olsen in a recent interview. Here's an earlier profile of Catherine in the San Francisco Chronicle.

— Anne Collier

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