‘Social Media in Plain English”

Maybe if for a moment people thought about social media as *social ice cream,* the whole concept would seem a little less daunting. To see what on earth I mean, watch a little 3:44 minute video explanation of what social media are all about by the professional explainers at CommonCraft.com. And while we’re on the subject of plain English, also check out a clear, comprehensive resource from the UK that was put together with a lot of input from parents themselves: Vodafone’s Parents’ Guide. It runs the gamut, explaining everything from blogs, Twitter, and social networking to Net-based telephony and Bluetooth – primer-style. Then it runs through the risks in a levelheaded way, explaining what’s involved and where to get help. Some of the resources even come from the US, so it’s not like this “plain English” from the UK doesn’t translate! Parents, you may also want to tell your child’s teacher about another UK-based resource with partners from all over the Western world: Teachtoday.eu.

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