Snapshot of how Indian youth view social media

By Anne Collier

It’s interesting to see that dismissive attitudes toward youth in social media are universal and that, where they turn up, so does the “clicktivism” argument – the one about how online activism is inconsequential, or not real activism (see this). In India, a recent national survey of people 18-35 found that 76% “believe that social media empowers them to bring change to the world,” particularly in the areas of women’s rights and anti-corruption, the Times of India reports. “The respondents indicated that while they are primarily engaged in this space [social media] to connect with peers and garner information, they feel that they almost equally influence consumer choice (28%), human rights and social change, politics and policy making and corporate governance.” Among the social issues of greatest concern among respondents were “protection of the girl child and violence against women” (35%) and anti-corruption (32%). The survey was conducted in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. [For more on civic engagement/social activism on NetFamilyNews, click here and here, and see this on U13 kids’ nontrivial interests in social media.]

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