‘Smartbooks’ (more than netbooks) aimed at teens

They’re different, Forbes points out, though the names of the devices are very new, and “smartbooks” haven’t even hit store shelves yet. The jury’s out on whether teens will want the latter, but marketers have been plans for the teen market. Qualcomm and Sharp “expect at least a dozen smartbooks incorporating their chips to debut in early 2010.” Here’s the theoretical difference: “Smartbooks will be more affordable than netbooks, with prices as low as $199. Unlike netbooks, which resemble laptop computers with their hinged or ‘clamshell’ shape,” smartbooks will be flat and tablet-shaped. One market went to Savannah College of Art & Design graduate students to help refine the product, Forbes reports. The design students said teens want “intuitive, trendy and powerful devices that become extensions of themselves” and help them “keep up with their hectic lives at a low price point.” Sounds like good advice that, if taken, might materialize into a hybrid between laptops and cellphones that might actually become a trend, fellow parents.

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