Sexting in Canada too

"Canadian teenagers are increasingly finding themselves in trouble after images of themselves get posted on the Internet," reports the CBC, citing reports from, Canada's equivalent to the US's "Respect Yourself" is the message of's new campaign to raise awareness of this problem. "In more than six years, 5% of 30,000 tips have been received from teenagers … and many of those cases involved a young person who has either posted a picture of himself or herself on the Internet or forwarded a nude photo to a boyfriend and then regretted that after the photo has been shared with others," the online-child-exploitation hotline says. The toughest part of this is how hard it is to delete those photos. Even if responsible sites with customer-service departments delete them, there's no guarantee they weren't copied and posted elsewhere beforehand. [Another very kid-friendly education site for avid texters and photo-sharers is (see my coverage, "Stalking texters, sexting monsters."]

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