Rebecca Levey

rebeccalevey_1306592271_29Rebecca Levey is a co-founder of, a video review site by and for tweens. She writes about technology and education at Beccarama and is a White House Champion of Change for Education.

She is the founder and co-host of The Blogging Angels Podcast, a weekly radio show about women in social media and the blogosphere and served as s the Social Media Editor at Mom Blog Magazine, and a member of the Yahoo! Mother Board.

Her blog posts have been nationally syndicated through McClatchy/Tribune and in The Washington Post.

A mother of twin daughters’ in NYC public elementary school she has “spent way too many hours trying to bring parents and teachers together and raise money and ideas for the school, without embarrassing my daughters.” She was the 2011 New York State Delegate to Parenting Magazine’s Mom Congress on Education and Learning, and was featured as a White House Champion of Change for Education.


Follow her at @beccasara.