‘Puters top holiday wish lists

I thought it was the iPod. Nope, cancel that. It was clothes that topped Americans' wish lists last year, "followed by peace and happiness, money and then computers," the Associated Press reports, citing the annual Consumer Electronics Association survey. This year it's computers. "The machines that feed us infinite and instant information, store our digital memories, give us hours of fun with games, videos or music — and help us do our taxes — outrank peace, happiness and clothes this year as the most wished-for gifts, according to an annual US survey by the consumer electronics industry's largest trade organization." But gosh I wish peace was still a top priority; I imagine it is in other parts of the world! I was right, however, about MP3 players (tho' not the iPod specifically, apparently). In the "specific gizmos" category, portable music players will top the list in 2007 for the third year in a row.

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