PRiZE anti-bullying music video by Mary & Brianna Ferraro

This sweet song,  recorded by 14 year old twins Mary & Brianna Ferraro, was written when they were 11. Take a listen (and look) and scroll below the video to read the lyrics. It’s one of many great peer initiated efforts to help combat bullying and encourage resilience.


Lyrics, music and vocals by Mary & Brianna Ferraro

They’ll put her down
In front of everyone
They won’t think twice
Cause they don’t think at all
And they enjoy it, yes they do
You’ll all go home unaffected
She’ll go home thinking she worthless
Won’t tell a soul cause now she believes it

And yes of course you won
There’s 6 of you, she’s a team of one
And what’s the prize anyway
Do you like to see a girl…

All torn up inside
Secretly crying at night
Is that your prize, is that your prize
Just a girl wanting more in herself
Hating the hand she’s been dealt
Is that your prize, is that your prize

Verse 2
She don’t know
But she’s truly beautiful
She don’t think that
She feels 2 feet tall
Isn’t that what you wanted all along
Well you knew this would come
She’s broken, finished, done
And what did you get
What did you get


Did you get what you wanted?(Did you get what you wanted)
Do you feel better now? (I hope you feel better now)
Yea what you did, was it worth it? (was it worth it?)
To make her feel so put down
To make her feel so…


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