ConnectSafely Podcast



Episode 21: ConnectSafely CEO Larry Magid and veteran educator Kerry Gallagher look back at Safer Internet Day 2019 and about how teachers can better use social media. Safer Internt Day got snowed out but that didn’t stop the ConnectSafely crew and guests from creating what amounted to a TV show. Kerry also provides some great advice for educators wanting to make the most out of social media.

Episode 20: A conversation between journalist Larry Magid and veteran educator Kerry Gallagher about New Year’s resolutions for educators. They talk about risk taking and how to encourage your colleagues to take risks with technology.

Ep. 19: ConnectSafely’s CEO Larry Magid and K-12 Education Director Kerry Gallagher talk about media literacy aimed at young children and teens. Kerry talks about approaching media literacy in the classroom as an educator while Larry approaches it as a journalist. The podcast also gets into current events and how they can be handled in the household.

Ep. 18:  ConnectSafely CEO Larry Magid speaks with Michelle DeLaune, senior VP and COO of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) about the center’s work and new technology being used at Facebook to very quickly identify and remove child sexual abuse images, commonly referred to as “child pornography.” (full podcast page)

Ep. 17: Larry Magid talks to Kurt Beidler of Amazon about FreeTime and other products for children

Ep. 16: Symantec’s Paige Hanson on National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Ep. 15: Larry Magid and Kerry Gallagher talk about the Relay ‘walkie-talkie,’ Amazon Fire tablet for kids and other tech for families with young children (Oct 4, 2018 –22 minutes)

Ep. 14: An interview with Roblox founder & CEO David Baszucki

Ep 13: Talking with your kids about cyberbullying in age of Trump

Ep. 12: Larry speaks with Donna Rice Hughes about porn on public Wi-Fi, fake news and the Trump administration.

Ep. 11: Larry speaks with Shireen Mitchell (@DigitalSista) about women of color and tech and as consumers and potential tech workers.

Ep. 10: Larry speaks with Amanda Lenhart about her research that found that 47% of survey respondents experienced online harassment, with some important differences based on gender and sexual orientation.

Ep. 9: Jules Polonetsky and Stacy Gray talk about the Future of Privacy Forum’s research into the joys and risks of interactive toys.

Ep. 8: Larry speaks with Paige Hanson of Lifelock about safe holiday shopping and Lifelock’s work with the National PTA’s SmartTalk program.

Ep. 7: Larry interviews Jennifer Vandermolen about the play, “You Make a Difference: No More Bullying!”

Ep. 6: Larry interviews Mike Donlin of Washington State Schools.

Ep. 5: Nicholas Carlisle of talks bullying and more.

Ep. 4: Tony Anscombe from AVG Technologies explains how to stay safe on Wi-Fi — even when in public.

Ep. 3: NAMLE’s Michelle Ciulla Lipkin on the need for media education.

Ep. 2: Stanford University professor David Dill on the risks of electronic voting.

Ep. 1: National Cyber Security Alliance Executive Director Michael Kaiser talks about cyber security and National Cyber Security Awareness Month.