Podcast: An interview with After School Co-Founder and CEO Michael Callahan

After School Co-founder Michael Callahan

The After School App enables high school students to interact with fellow students at their high school. It amounts to a social network within the walls of their schools.

During the app’s early rise to prominence, there were some well publicized cases of cyber bullying which was ironic considering that one of the reasons Callahan created the app was to have a safe space for teens to interact without having to deal with the type of bullying he experienced as a teen. Over time, Callahan and his staff have updated the app with numerous safeguards based on that early feedback.

In this free wheeling conversation with ConnectSafely CEO Larry Magid, Callahan talks about some of his early experiences and how they helped shape After School. He also comments on some the issues facing all social media today.

After School is a ConnectSafely supporter and the subject of ConnectSafely’s Parents Guide to After School