Peer mentors fight bullying

From the Good Idea Department: In a program called “CyberMentors,” London-based nonprofit Beatbullying is training students 18-25 to mentor younger students online in dealing with bullying, the BBC reports. “Under the scheme, senior cyber-mentors, who all come from colleges or universities, support the work of younger cyber-mentors” right in social network sites. The BBC doesn’t say, but presumably there will be a marketing campaign that lets young people know how they can contact mentors through MySpace or Facebook. cites figures from the UK’s Anti-Bullying Alliance showing that “around 20% of schoolchildren aged 10-11 have been bullied on the Internet within the last year.” Here’s a review of the concept from US cyberbullying expert and professor Sameer Hinduja, who also blogged recently about how to help youth suffering from Asperger’s Syndrome in cyberbullying situations. [See also Professor Hinduja’s amazing collection of resources on cyberbullying; “‘Cyberbullying’ better defined“; “A new, holistic anti-bullying program for schools“; and, for more on peer mentoring, my “Social norming & digital citizenship.”]

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