Oz ed campaign on sexting

Not at all surprising (because what are borders or continents, where social technology’s concerned), the New South Wales government is educating its teens about the risks of sexting too. “The government has produced a fact sheet for schools, parents and young people to warn about the possible lifetime consequences of the growing practice,” the Sydney Morning Herald reports. The NSW minister of community services told the Morning Herald that her department “had received reports of girls as young as 13 sending sexually explicit images to their boyfriends’ mobiles, which are then passed on to other friends.” Like in the US, youth are being warned that the practice is illegal. Interestingly, there’s nothing in either the article or the Community Services Department’s Fact Sheet on Sexting about the risk to children of being convicted for producing, possessing, or distributing child pornography, as can happen in the US (though there are efforts in some US states to take criminal prosecution off the table). The NSW Fact Sheet refers to the risks of “public humiliation, cyberbullying, or even sexual assault.” For US-style info on sexting, check out tips here at ConnectSafely. Meanwhile, the Australian federal government has appointed a Youth Advisory Group of 305 11-to-17-year-olds to “advise the Government on strategies to tackl

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