Old guys’ on Facebook

You might find a 17-year-old's perspective on 40+-year-olds in social-networking sites as interesting as I did, so see this CNET piece
by summer intern Sabena Suri. "Before I get to why I think most of the
older folks hanging out on MySpace and Facebook are creepy, here (in
the spirit of open-mindedness) are a few of the more semi-legitimate
reasons they might be using the sites," she writes, pointing to six,
except the last one is "Being just plain creepy." Concerning those, she
says most teens "learn at a young age not to add friends they don't
know personally," and – though it's "sometimes hard to distinguish the
creeps from the nice older folks" – the creeps often try a little too
hard. Posers do stand out and look pretty "lame," Sabena says. Here
also, from Newsweek, are 20- or 30-somethings on "Why I love Facebook" and "Why I hate Facebook."

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