MySpace: Entertainment hub that tweets

MySpace is taking steps in two directions, both solidifying its entertainment focus and expanding its social-media offerings. According to CNET, it “plans to launch a new video service sometime in the next several months with the help of sister site Hulu,” in which MySpace parent News Corp owns a significant stake. The first step will be an overhaul of MySpace Video, adding more “feature films, TV shows, and music videos,” CNET adds. On the social front, MySpace is syncing up with Twitter, TechCrunch reports. So – like Facebook users – MySpace members can opt to have their MySpace status updates automatically shared with all their Twitter followers (Twitter’s version of MySpace “friends”) and vice versa. “A couple weeks ago, AOL made its AIM lifestream go both ways with Twitter (and Facebook) as well. So we are definitely seeing a trend here,” TechCrunch adds. Also on the social side,’s Larry Magid reports in CNET that the Department of Justice now has a MySpace profile partly to drive traffic to its new site” but also apparently to provide “unmoderated forum where users can comment and ‘interact with the Department in entirely new ways’.” [See also my “MySpace’s metamorphosis?” this past August.]

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