MySpace & iLike get together

Now, this makes perfect sense – MySpace is acquiring iLike, a little music-sharing app very popular on many social network sites – given MySpace’s growing focus on participatory music (see “MySpace’s metamorphosis?”). “The [acquisition] strengthens MySpace’s grip on the music market – iLike is second only to MySpace Music in popularity [with 55 million users] – and extends the reach of the social network, which has lost serious traffic in recent months to Facebook,” the Christian Science Monitor reports. The creators of iLike says it’s “the dominant music application” on Facebook, Google’s Orkut, Hi5, and Bebo, and Business Week reports it won’t leave those sites when it belongs to MySpace. Here’s a 2007 interview USATODAY did with iLike CEO Ali Partovi in which he explains how it works. [Also related is “‘Beatles: RockBand’ & participatory music.”]

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