Mobile Net use not just kid stuff!

By Anne Collier

Every day, it seems, the social, media-sharing Web is more mobile and cellphones are used more as full-blown computers – and not just by people under 18! The latest Pew/Internet study , released today, found that adults 30-49 are fast catching up with 18-to-29-year-olds in using their mobile devices “to send text messages, access the internet, take pictures, record videos, use email or instant messaging, and play music.” Here’s Pew’s breakdown of cellphone owners’ mobile-based activities between April 2009 and now:

* 34% record video, up from 19% (the biggest year-to-year jump: 15%)
* 38% access the Net, up from 25% (the 2nd biggest jump: 13%)
* 76% take photos on their phones, up from 66% a year ago (10% jump, tying with…)
* 30% send/receive instant messages, up from 20% (10% jump)
* 34% send/receive email, up from 25% (9% jump)
* 34% play games, up from 27% (7% jump)
* 72% text on phones, up from 66% (6% jump)

Wi-fi Internet access via cellphone or laptop has grown 8% in the past year (from 39% to 47% of all adults). So has the number of adults who use cellphones to access the Net, email, or send instant messages (from 32% to 40% now). [Here’s my coverage last April of Pew’s study of teen texters, and here, for comparison purposes, are comScore’s latest mobile data, though with some different data points.].]

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