McGonigal’s latest game for social change

By Anne Collier

What a concept: Engage players in a “real world” quest that brings them together at a famous institution to kick off an online game for social change – not just game-changing but aiming to be world-changing (or to help players be change agents). Quest #1: If you’re 18+ and want to be one of the first 500 people to play Find the Future, go on the “overnight adventure of a lifetime,” and write a book with 499 other adventurers in one night from 8pm to on May 20 to 6am May 21 at the NewYork Public Library, here’s the quest: “Imagine who you are 10 years from now. What do you want for the world? What extraordinary goal do you want to achieve? When you have a vivid picture of your future, just fill in the blanks: ‘In the year 2021, I will become the first person to __________.’ Based on your creativity, originality and determination in completing Quest #1, we’ll pick 500 [inaugural players].” The 500 players chosen need either to live or plan to be in the New York area that night. Everybody else anywhere in the world will be able to play Find the Future starting on the 21st. To get your juices going, watch the 1:42 video by clicking on “Video Message” on the game’s main page. Here are some ideas people have submitted already, and here’s coverage at Fast Company. [For more on the game’s designer Jane McGonigal, see “Can this be played in school? Please?”]

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