LGBT youth & cyberbullying: Study

By Anne Collier

The Cyberbullying Research Center has added its own data to our growing understanding of bullying related to sexual orientation. The researchers, Profs. Sameer Hinduja and Justin Patchin, found that 72% of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered (LGBT) students have been targeted by bullying at some point in their lives, compared to 63% of heterosexual students, with an “even more striking” difference where cyberbullying’s concerned. “Almost twice as many LGBT students reported experiencing cyberbullying compared to heterosexual students (36.1% compared to 20.1%),” the authors found. As for recent experiences with cyberbullying, the differences between LGBT and heterosexual experiences were greater: “17.3% of LGBT students reported being the victim of cyberbullying in the previous 30 days compared to 6.8% of heterosexual students, and 20.7% of LGBT students admitted to cyberbullying others in the previous 30 days compared to 7.9% of heterosexual students.”
As for gender, females are more likely to experience cyberbullying than male LGBT youth: “Heterosexual males are the least likely group to have experienced cyberbullying (15.7%), whereas non‐heterosexual females are the most likely to have been the target (38.3%).

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