Key week for bullying awareness

Bullying needs to be detected and addressed early! "By age 24, 60% of identified bullies have a criminal conviction. Young children who were labeled by their peers as bullies required more support from adults, from government agencies, had more court convictions, more alcoholism, more anti-social personality disorders and used more mental health services," according to research by psychology professor Debra Pepler at York University (here's a sample of her work. That's just one of a group of statistics – some disturbing, some calls to action – that Bill Belsey pulled together and distributed to mark this week, Canada's sixth-annual Bullying Awareness Week. A parent and teacher too, Bill is founder of the award-winning and Here are some other eye-opening numbers from Dr. Pepler and other Canadian researchers (for more info, see

* Bullying occurs in school playgrounds every 7 minutes and once every 25 minutes in class.
* 85% of bullying episodes occur in the context of a peer group.
* Bullying usually stops in less than 10 seconds when peers intervene on behalf of the victim.
* 25% of kids children say teachers intervene in bullying situations, while 70% of
teachers believe they always intervene.
* Bullying is reduced in schools where principals are committed to reducing bullying.

See also the McGill News on an experience that brought cyberbullying home – literally – for cyberbullying expert and McGill University professor Shaheen Shariff; Tips to help stop cyberbullying; "Cyberbullying better defined"; "Online harassment: Not telling parents"; and "Teaching students to help stop cyberbullying."

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