Ireland: Guide for parents on mobile bullying

Ireland's cellphone companies – Vodafone, O2, Meteor, and 3 – got together and created a parents' guide to protecting kids from phone-based bullying, the Irish Times reports. Available on the companies' Web sites and at retail stores, it explains the mobile operators' service called "dual access," with which "parents can check the numbers their child has been calling and texting, and keep an eye on the amount of money spent. Parents can also ask operators to block certain services." To see what mobile carriers on this side of the Atlantic are doing for parents, see this item last May. Also:'s "Tips to help stop cyberbullying," "Cellphone safety tips," "Mobile parenting," and – for more on the discussion in Ireland – "Cellphone cos. & bullying." [Thanks to the EC's QuickLinks for pointing the above story out.]

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