iPads to be required in Tenn. school

By Anne Collier

It’s a new twist on a 1:1 laptop program. The 1,050-student, private Web School in Knoxville, Tenn., will require all students from Grade 4 on up to bring an iPad to school next year, The Journal reports. “Administrators and teachers have been mulling over a 1:1 computer program for the last 17 years,” the school’s tech director told The Journal, but the timing has never been right, with obstacles like cost to teachers not being ready.” Besides the iPad’s affordability, what fueled readiness this time was “positive reviews” from schools around the US already using iPads (please see the article for how The Webb School worked out the budget). Some of those reviews from other schools and districts can be found in the New York Times’s recent article, “Math That Moves: School Embrace the iPad,” which cites the view of “school leaders” as saying that “the iPad is not just a cool new toy but rather a powerful and versatile tool with a multitude of applications, including thousands with educational uses” (more than 5,400 apps, reportedly, 1,000 of them free). However, the Times also reports that “technology advocates like Elliot Soloway, an engineering professor at the University of Michigan, and Cathie Norris, a technology professor at the University of North Texas, question whether school officials have become so enamored with iPads that they have overlooked less costly options, like smartphones.” The Times talked to personnel at iPad-acquiring schools and districts in Illinois, New York, Arizona, North Carolina, and New Jersey. [Here’s The Webb School’s FAQ on its iPad program.]

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