iPad apps as kid currency?

By Anne Collier

Wow, I had no idea: iPads are becoming veritable toy chests for kids, at least for a third of US families. “Thirty-three percent of parents in the U.S. have either bought an iPad for their kids or are willing to buy one,” a recent survey by iYogi found, and” iPad-friendly parents are willing to let their kids spend an average of $14 per month on apps and use the iPad at least two hours a day,” TabTimes.com reports. iYogi is a tech-support service, and the survey was of its customers, so that’s 33% of tech- and Internet-using parents, no doubt, but 78% of US households with school-aged children do have broadband Internet (compared to 68% of households in general, according to the latest US Commerce Department data available). Only 3% of US households use dial-up now, most of them probably pretty rural (but I’m just guessing on that). Of the parents saying no to buying iPads, iYogi found that “67% said they’d rather buy their kids a computer, laptop or netbook.” I found this interesting too: “Having the latest technology didn’t seem to matter to a significant 34% of those surveyed,” iYogi says, and half of those who don’t plan to buy a tablet said they believe their kids are better off playing outdoors.” [See also “Surge in kid apps: Parents & providers sorting it out.”]

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