India’s digital natives

Nearly 10% of the world’s under-25 population live in India, and they “are shifting their career aspirations and social life to the digital world,” India’s Economic Times reports. The study, by Tata Consultancy Services, surveyed 14,000 high school students in 12 cities and found that over 93% of respondents “were aware of social networking sites and used it in some way in their daily life. Bangalore students are “leading the pack, as 66% of them said they were active on blogs and social networking sites, compared with 39% nationally.” Nine percent of them use Second Life and MySpace and do podcasting. “Among social networking sites, [Google’s] Orkut was most preferred, followed by Facebook, while Google continued to be the most preferred source of information.” Careers that top their list are the ever-popular IT and engineering, but “other fields like travel and tourism, media & entertainment are emerging as professional choices.” The US and UK are the top picks for overseas university study (40% want to go to the US), but Singapore and Dubai “are preferred by one in five students in Chennai and Cochin, respectively, as top choice for overseas education.”

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