IGF 2014 Proposed Workshops

These are proposed workshops. They have not yet been submitted or  approved for IGF 2014. The Internet Governance Forum takes place in Istanbul, Turkey, September 2-5, 2014. We’re seeking panelists from industry, government, NGOs ideally reflecting a diversity of views and nationalities.

    1. Follow-up to the rights vs. protection panel that we did last year. Except this year I’d like it to be more prescriptive, dealing with rights AND protection instead of “vs.” In other words, how can we protect children’s safety AND their rights? The debate is over. It’s time for solutions. Seeking representatives of NGOs, government, companies and youth, especially from areas other than the U.S. and Europe (where do have some folks).
    2. A look at the multi-stakeholder role in safety, digital literacy, etc.  How should governments, companies and NGOs be working together and apart? What is the role for each? When are and should they be adversarial (as in governments and NGOs putting pressure on companies and NGOs putting pressure on governments), and when should they cooperate? Seeking representatives of NGOs and governments as well as companies.
    3. “Empowering Global Youth Through Digital Citizenship,” covering citizenship in terms of civic engagement and rights of participation as well as of safety online. Seeking youth panelists in particular, ages 17-22 (same diversity of perspective, nationality and background). 

Seeking panelists

We are looking for panelists, especially from the developing world and outside the U.S., however we cannot cover transportation costs.

Please suggest panelists by clicking here.