IGF 2013 Workshop: Empowering Global Youth through Digital Citizenship

Empowering Global Youth through Digital Citizenship
Wednesday, October 23rd at 9:00 AM

At whatever level – organizational, societal or global – those of us working in the Internet-safety space need frequent reality checks; we need the input of young people on digital safety, privacy and citizenship. That’s the premise of this workshop, an ongoing IGF conversation that started at the 2010 IGF in Vilnius and continued through the forums in Nairobi in 2011 and Baku last year.

Co-organized by ConnectSafely.org co-director Anne Collier, Kim Sanchez at Microsoft and Jim Prendergast of Washington, D.C.-based Galway Strategy Group, the goal this year is to move from discussing the concept of digital citizenship to understanding how youth actually practice it in their respective countries. In an open discussion, young people will be asked to share their perspectives and practices as users and citizens. Questions the co-organizers have include:

  • Can digital citizenship scale effectively in emerging and developing countries?
  • How would the models be different or alike, and how do participants envision its uptake in their countries?
  • Does digital citizenship meet real challenges for both young users and the world in which they are growing up?
  • What role do youth have in supporting and promoting digital citizenship, and what are the obstacles to exercising leadership?
  • What are young people’s approaches to developing a safe digital society that upholds participants’ rights?
  • Are there digital citizenship programs currently in place in their countries for youth, parents, and teachers? If so, what are they like and are they effective (why/why not)?
  • What are the roles of governments, industry, and civil society in supporting youth leadership?
  • How can we reach the most disadvantaged youth in society (digital inclusion)?

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