Growth in sex-addiction cases

In doing some investigative reporting, the BBC recently surveyed 43 sex and relationship therapists and found that almost 80% of them are "seeing an increase in the number of men suffering from sex addiction," it reports, and 74% said "it was becoming increasingly common to see excessive use of Internet pornography as a problem in relationships." Over in the US, a study in this month's issue of the Journal of Adolescent Research found that US "college students, including young women, are far more accepting of pornography than their parents," USATODAY reports. "Most young women in the study said they personally did not use porn, but nearly half said viewing X-rated material was an acceptable way to express sexuality. Only 37% of the fathers and 20% of the mothers surveyed agreed." According to the study 86% of the young men surveyed reported having viewed porn in the past year (compared to 31% of young women), and 20% said they viewed it every day or nearly every day (compared to 3.2% of young women).

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