Grownups’ encroachment

Young people are increasingly uneasy about how much adults are moving in on their "technological turf," the Associated Press reports. "Long gone are the days when the average, middle-aged adult did well to simply work a computer. Now those same adults have Gmail, upload videos on YouTube, and sport the latest high-tech gadgets." The story makes it look like a conscious thing on the part of teens to stay a step ahead with the latest technologies. A big problem for teens, the AP suggests, is that their social-networking profiles necessarily have to become a "watered down version" of their online selves. If widespread, this is a sign that this latest teen "hangout" – something that all teens need, a space away from adult observation – may need to be replaced with a new one. Who knows what that will be? If you have guesses, pls comment below or in our forum.

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