Google Street View fear campaign

This campaign falls into the large "Predators" category of national anxiety. I'm referring to's campaign against Street View, the new photographic part of Google Maps. The organization is calling it "an entirely new threat to our families and children." We feel strongly that parents' fears about kid safety need to be reduced and understanding increased, so I'm pointing out a comment from my ConnectSafely co-director, Larry Magid, who wrote, "I admit, there may be some privacy concerns as a result of Google taking pictures of homes and businesses around the country but’s campaign to highlight child safety concerns over Google’s ‘Street View’ strikes me as absurd…. There is plenty of research [though there are many indicators now that people aren't that interested in facts, unfortunately] to show that trolling online for victims is not the way predators typically find young people to exploit. In about 80% of child sexual abuse cases, the victims and the perpetrator know each other in the real world…. If anything, campaigns like this actually increase danger to children by alarming people unnecessarily and distracting us from dealing with real risks."

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