Gen F’s workplace

Not sure why, but this is the first reference I’ve seen to “Generation Facebook” – though it could be used interchangeably with “Gen Digital.” But whatever they’re called, but the point being made in this Wall Street Journal blog is that the people who’ve never known life without the Internet will be changing the workplace, which means the workplace will be very different for their younger siblings when they’re ready to enter it – and on and on – parental and school “control” of social media notwithstanding. Baby boomers might call some of these 12 features “written into the social DNA of Generation F” subversive, but what’s subversive now will soon be normative. You’ve got to read blogger Gary Hamel’s descriptions of all of them, but some of the 12 are: “Intrinsic rewards matter most,” “Users can veto most policy decisions,” “Power comes from sharing information, not hoarding it,” “Resources get attracted, not allocated,” “Intrinsic rewards matter most,” and “Hierarchies are natural, not prescribed.”

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