First-ever Net-safety-ed app for smartphones

By Anne Collier

I’m stating my bias right up front because ConnectSafely contributed to this little app, but isn’t it kind of cool that there are digestible little bytes of fixed and mobile online-safety education right in people’s pockets now? This is safety and security ed for the smallest screens, and you can download the Net Safety On-the-Go app here. “This app provides quick, practical, friendly advice for you and your family. It’s delivered … one tip at a time to help you use the Internet and your phone safely,” the site explains. “You set the frequency for receiving new tips. One a day? One a week? Whenever you choose. Your status bar will notify you when they’ve arrived.” For now it only runs on cellphones running the Android operating system. It’s a project of the Washington-based Internet Education Foundation, of which I’m a huge fan (they educate lawmakers on all aspects of Internet technology and policy and put on the annual State of the Net Conference, this year’s having just been held this month). Net Safety OTG is supported by Google and Verizon, and our fellow content contributors are,, and Here’s the press release.

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