Facebook’s new public/private feature

Is Facebook becoming a cross between Twitter and a mini-blogosphere? Partly – if you make your status updates as long as blog posts. The social network site “is rolling out a new option for users who have made their profiles viewable by everyone,” the Washington Post’s Rob Pegoraro reports. “A new lock icon in the Publisher, the “what’s on your mind?” form, will allow users to choose a potential audience for each status update: everybody on or off Facebook; all of their friends and all of their networks; friends and their friends’ friends; only friends; or a custom combination that includes some people and excludes others.” Pegoraro goes on to correct a misconception some users have had about this development. Which leads to the question of when Facebook will simplify all these private-vs.-public options. The potential upside of being able to choose how public each status update is that it encourages users to think before they send each update. That would be good. Then again, the Post’s headline is “Facebook Adding Overexposure Options.”

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