Embarrassing photos in FB: What to do

By Anne Collier

Lots of Facebook news this week! There’s loads of information in the site’s new Safety Center, with sections aimed at teens, parents, educators, and law enforcement. But if you or your child has the specific problem of Facebook “Photos Gone Wild,” Common Sense Media has some great tips including one about a little app called Wisk-it that lets a photo poster airbrush out the face of someone who doesn’t want to be seen in a photo s/he posted. You’ll note that a lot of this reputation management is a negotiation, which is why the last section in CSM’s article on the need to “Be respectful” is so important (see “Collaborative reputation protection”). It’s a lot easier to get a photo deleted when poster and complainer are cooperating (often the only way, since FB says in the Safety Center that it “cannot make users remove photos that do not violate our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities”).

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