Echometrix: Monitoring *and* selling kids’ chat

With its Sentry Parental Control Software, Echometrix sells what kids say online in the name of protecting them. Once installed, Sentry – like other products in its category – monitors kids online activity and communications for risky speech and behavior and sends parents alerts upon detection. What isn’t like most other such products is how the company packages the kid communications (in aggregate) into a product it sells to marketers, reports’s Larry Magid in Echometrix CEO Jeffrey Greene, told Larry that “the company doesn’t collect or report the names or any identifying information about the children” but “says that it delivers the unsolicited raw conversations in real time. It gives marketers immediate, unique information about what teens are saying in their own words.” Here’s how Echometrix describes itself in its blog: “a leading developer of opinion mining and sentiment analysis applications for user-generated digital social media content with specialty industry focus. We have specialized in delivering brand metrics, real-time business intelligence and consumer market research for the teenage consumer segment.” See a detailed commentary on this in Amy Jussel’s Shaping Youth blog. And here’s the story in Yahoo Tech news .

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